Tuesday, October 28, 2008


27-10-95: she was born, my little sister amal ain asha'ari.

27-10-08: my little sister has finally turned 13, but she is oftenly known as Nana.

weird no? want to know why??? haaa... lemme story mory you.

lidis, she very the manja one. super duper spoilt la same same like her elder sister (hey, not me arr), yah (this one at least her name amira arr, so ppl call her yah lorr). then arr, when she small small arr, she went to the babysitter same like yah. the babysitter have cucu arr, name farhana. and then, this farhana named herself 'nana' lorr. so, amal arr, after hearing 'nana', 'nana', she tot to herself: "walauweii!!! so nice arr the name, i want la lidis!!"

so arr, amal pon named herself as 'nana'. haiyaa.... since small arr, we told her: "little sister, your name arr, is amal. not nana. we call you amal ok"

amal: "dowan! dowan! i am nana"

haiyaa... since everyone loves her to bits arr, kenot argue la lidis. so, what to do, listen to her la. then we call her nana, until now ley...

sometimes arr, people in the family oso don't know her name amal leyy, because we call her nana maa... like my problem oso la, my name alia, people call me marlyne. sometimes, they ask, eh, alia? who is alia? haiyaa.... *sweat sweat*

anyway arr, yesterday arr, it is AMAL/NANA's 13th birthday. i hope she likes the pressies i got her and i hope, eh wrong, wrong, i KNOW she will become a beautiful, smart Lady one day....

I LOVE YOU nana...

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