Saturday, October 25, 2008

OLD world CHARMS in NEW wing

today's (24th october 2008. ok, so this is post dated, shoot me already) highly secret plan:

take nana from school and bring her for a surprise movie outing.

well, you need not guess what MOVIE that we chose for her. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!! arrrgghhh... i seriously think that the movie is heavily influenced by hindustan movies la. even the talking becomes a singing scene and the singing, you need not imagine it. most of the time, the voices of the singers have undergone severe synthetizer modification. i am beginning to think that they use the throat mic that people who can't speak use (you know, the ones that make you sound like a robot), to sing.

anyway, it's a friday (as i said, this is POSTDATED!!). the friday lunch rush has a very ghostly effect that it'd drown you of your happiness as you are caught in the unbearable jam. yeah, we got caught in the jam, rushing here and there. and yeah, we got edgy, mainly because all of us (including ME!!) were dead hungry.

as we reached OU, mama started her 100m dash (this woman can really surprise you when she is hungry hehehe) and headed straight for CHARMS. in my head, i was like: CHARMS? what CHARMS? i haven't heard of this place.

and then it hit me: OH! this is CHARMS.....

i have passed it many times, but i never had the inclination to stop. i am attracted by the table with the swing bench setting, very BALIesque (got such word arr?). as we were looking for a table (why la she don't want to sit on the swing? huhuhuh.....), we passed a few patrons that were having this mini barbeque set on their table. it looked so cute and something different. i already wanted to order that.

the menu is sort of a THAI, PENANG thing fusion. it is very simple. the bbq set that i wanted to order comes with a plate of fried rice, which clearly i don't take. and since no one is having that, so, we did not order the mini bbq meal.

instead, we had other things that were on the menu that is equally if not nicer than the how the mini bbq set looked like.

SPICY GIZZIE (rm7.50): comes with a home-made hot chili dip. it is a rather generous serving as you can have it for 3 people. the crunchy texture and the rubbery of the gizzard just can't make you stop. comes to the table, piping hot! they should put up a caution sign.

SEAFOOD FRIED KUEY TEOW (rm13.90): the kuey teow is not too oily like the ones you get in most of the other resto of this genre. the infused sauces and spices blend very well together and when they say SEAFOOD, you can actually see the fresh prawns and cockles in there. alot!!

don't be shy asking for cut bird's eye chili. they will be more than pleased to serve you. if you are like us, they'll be running short of chilis pretty soon :P

this is definitely the best that was on the table today. nana has made a wise choice :D SEAFOOD YEE MEE (rm13.90). the sauce is very smooth and thick and the seafood serving is very generous. the yee mee is not refried like most of the hawkers do to keep its crunch.

CHARMS ROJAK (rm8.50) this is nice. i mean, nothing to shout about but it is simple and nice.

we also ordered CHARMS WANTON SOUP (rm6.90) and BANANA FRITTERS WITH CHOCO ICE CREAM (rm6.50). i haven't got pictures of this as we were rushing to catch the movie. but the bottom line is, the soup comes with i think 8 or 10 wanton dumpling that were really puffy and full of fillings. the soup base was really nice, good for a cold day. and the banana fritters, they looked delicious and i guess they must be!! because mama and nana finished the whole plate, clean!! hehehe....

hmmm... this is a good idea. jo-ee, i have an idea of how to make the banana fritters, MY WAY!! :P

as for drinks, we had cokelight (rm4.00 a pop *sweat*), teh tarik (rm3.50), and milo ais (rm3.50).

i really hoped that everyone enjoyed their lunch :) *hugs*

anyway, as for the SURPRISE, not so SURPRISE anymore as she has expected me to bring her to the movies (-_-")


djambu puadovich said...

in case you pass through taiping while returning south, ask the locals about restoran kuetiau DOLI.

kedai tu mmg menyediakan kuetiau yg KEJAM. dgn KEJAM, maknanye WICKED.

djambu ialah kuetiau maniac, dan hanya ada beberapa kuetiau je yg berjaya mendapat pangkat WICKED.

restoran ni mmg specialise dlm kuetiau. hidangan lain, xbest sgt...

miao_jo said...

how?? how???

miao_jo said...

how?? how???

redSeptember said...

jo-ee, sabaq nooo... nnt aku balik kita buat sesama. tapi make sure ada kulit pop and pisang k... see you later alligator.

wah... djambu, wicked wicked ni REd takut arr... kang tak pasal kena santau sebab wicked sangat kang. hehehe ok la, REd tunggu djambu balik. bawa REd g sana k? amacam? :"P

djambu puadovich said...

hehehe :)

[masih mencari androstenandione di pasaran] :P

redSeptember said...


dalam hati: "yang dia mention kat dalam entry aku pasal smelly no more tu, aku ke orang nya?? hehehhe....*blush blush* "