Monday, October 27, 2008

50 cents that make no sense

i was in JAYA 33 to do some fish shopping. yes, my ma says that she has tested the monger there and the seafood there are of good quality albeit it being a little pricey. as soon as i arrived, my very weak bladder wanted to give way already, so i ran to the nearest loo there. the last i went, i remembered that there was no entrance fee (sounds like getting to a club eh?) to the loo. i was surprised to see a lady waiting there to be paid. so, fine, i paid 50cents to use the loo. whatever.....

the lady quickly followed me into the loo. i was thinking that she's gonna stand there and wait on me. give me paper when i need, hand me the soap, spray some eu de toilett. but no, she came in with me to flush the toilet before i went in. WTF???

for 50cents, i don't actually know what i am paying for. look at the keep of the toilet. literally like CRAP!! mop not stored properly.....

the wipe cloth is just placed on the sink.....

the sink top is wet (i hope with pipe water!!)....

and the toilet is not even made up properly?!!??!
gimme a break!!
the ONLY plus point is that, it does not smell.... thank God!
how much would you pay to crap??

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Tati Yacob said...

haha! i hope its water on the sink too!!

takut takut something else pulak


xxx =D