Sunday, October 19, 2008

she'll be making her debut soon

7 days - week, gawsh!! who would have thought that i'd get that kind of week again. so, i am flushed out of my energy, obviously my insomnia is back,reall bad this time, and i am always in either one of the 2 extremes: super active, or terribly moody.

it also has been a looooong time since i last went to CS. i don't know why, but i felt rather tensed therefore i decided to go for some retail therapy. i knew i had something in mind, alot of things actually. i didn't put anything on paper,everything were in my head. but as soon as i was there, i forgot what i wanted to get!! curse you jo-ee, your forgetfulness is so contagious!!!!

so, ok fine, i wanted something, i ended up getting something else. and then i met her, my new soon to be best friend (i hope). she's really lovely. she was with her friends when a mutual person introduced us.

anywho.... i'll be introducing her to you soon.... *snicker snicker* wait haa!!!


Lang Legar said...

er is this post about a new pair of sports shoes haha..

anyway my open house is this saturday,25th do come OK..

redSeptember said...

shoes? what shoes??? *ngeeee*

erm... alamatnya apa lang?