Thursday, October 9, 2008

easily desperate

i am in the midst of reading "The Other Boleyn Girl". it is a long book but it is definitely a page turner. just that i don't have much time on my hands to read it at a much faster speed. but i have some idea of how the story is flowing and how the characters are.

see, annamaria boleyn is the elder sister of mary boleyn. ether one of them is the other boleyn girl actually because the label "other" is always interchangable between them. this is a story of sibling rivalry for the love of a man.

talk about desperate...sheesh!!

mary is an easy type of girl. she is actually already married but because she is not that in love with her current husband and the king sort of had a temporary hots for her, and add in some family politics, she gave in. she separated from her hubby, became the king's mistress, and borne him 2 children. she is still very much in love with the king even though at some sick turn of events, the king changed his preference to anne boleyn.

anne on the other hand, is very arrogant and is jealous of mary's status. she wants to be better than mary, which means, she does not want to be easy and desperate. she claims that she is flirting with the king for the benefit of her family's wealth, and she does not have the hots for him as she is only in love with her secret boyfriend, henry percy. from what i can deduce, anne is actually having the hots for the king, but she is too ego to confess.

see, in the real world, there are many people like this. it is just that they hide it too well that we cannot detect it. but for some,their cover up skills are just way too lacking that you could see their easiness from far. so don't go on saying that you don't have any feelings when in actual fact you do because it'll just somehow embarass you in the end.

as for the king, i can't quite decipher his mentality. is he worried about being heirless that he is bedding so many women, or is it that he is a womanizer? i am thinking of the latter actually. when the woman that he is currently bedding is easy to deal with i.e. she will just do anything for him and come to him whenever he needs some bedding (sex), she will be labelled as a whore, and if that woman borne him children, they will be called bastards. but if the woman is not an easy (and desperate) one, he'll be courting her till he gets her and in the end, she'll become the whore too. so, tell me now, who is the bastard really?

important thing is, don't be easy and desperate. i am not condeming men here, either. it is just that women should be more strong and not let themselves fall in the trap that they assume is "LOVE". there is this friend of a friend of mine, she claims that she is in love with this guy she met online (her cyber boyfriend -whatever that means-). they even had a "cyber couple" fight over something. funny.... come on la, don't be that desperate la. have some face at least. and she is so sad over this matter because he does not want to be online with her anymore. ROFLOL!!

have some dignity.


Lang Legar said...
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Lang Legar said...

i just watch the movie huhu..
my reading days are so over with tons of assignment and projects..
but the story portray how a man is easily deceived by his lust for women and i cant help but to notice that he falls for any women that show a glimpse of reaction..
so talk about desperate, it just human nature la I guess..

djambu puadovich said...

boleyn? ke bolen?

bolen = bogel, telanjang...kamus DBP edisi 3.

keh keh keh...'the other boleyn girl'? :P

redSeptember said...

djambu giler arr.... kekekek

djambu puadovich said...

owh, FYI, 'bolen' tu dialek perak. xramai yg, don't bring dis book to perak. kehkehkeh

redSeptember said...

heheh... (tergelak sorang2 dalam bilik. kang housemates ingat REd mereng pulak)

yeah, REd tau tu bahasa perak. masa tgh baca buku ni, tak teringat lak :P

ntah2 tak show kat cinema di perak kan?