Monday, October 6, 2008


so, my bedside paeds assessment is tomorrow. i have been receiving SMSes and calls reminding me and asking me of when am i going back there to the hell-hole. i am going back tonight la.... don't worry, i know i have my assessment. haiz....

but i have no reference to read (-_-")

off to kamal bookstore to get me books which i will eat in the train trip tonight.

as i entered the store, i saw this guy and he immediately caught my attention. but i am not too sure why. i brushed it off as i was trying to locate where the books that i wanted would be. i was browsing thru the bookshelves and the same guy was infront of me again. i just looked at him and smiled out of courtesy.

then, he started the conversation with "excuse me, you are REdseptember, right?"


REd (laughing like mad): "yeah, how'd you know?"

"can't miss it, you look very familiar"

"how'd you get to know me?"

"i read your blog. i commented on yours and you commented on mine"

"really?? and you are...?"

"....." (i don't think i should disclose his name here ;P. but fyi, he's good looking and friendly too ;) )

"owh!!! yeah, i have seen you in my blog. hey, hi!! offline... finally"

"yeah... hehehe"

how cool is that!?!? heheheh

hope to see him and more of bloggers offline again *happy*


djambu puadovich said...

can't wait to come home next year n go to kamal's...hehe :P

afizah said...

one word- cool!

redSeptember said...

laaa...djambu, ingatkan tak sabar nak balik nak jumpa ngan REd huhuhh

ke... nak gi dating kat kamal's? ehehhe macam takde tempat lain yang lebih strategic aja.

afizah: hell yeah!! :)

djambu puadovich said...

no 1: to go to kamal's and see, ada x pembaca blog yg kenal djambu kat kamal's.

no 2: nak dating ke? hehe. i'll confirm wit u later ok? [gile public proposal dating ni. hope u won't mind] hehehe :P

redSeptember said...

loh.... nak gi kamal's nak cari blogger loh pulok!! hehhehe... mesti ramai budak blogger medic kat sana pun kan.

cewahhh... dating proposal ka ni? *blush* nnt kita confirm confirm macam mana la ekk.. lambat lagi la pun kan... next year, lama tu.. heheh