Friday, October 17, 2008

smelly no more?

i was reading miss mrs leave's entry about male axilla and the perculiar smell that it emits that attracts women. i was thinking of pheromones, but it is only in the female human. so, as curiosity got the best of me, i googled it. what is there under that hairy jungle that attracts women?

the answer is: ANDROSTADIENONE (gawsh!! tounge twister!!)

lemme skim the info down to its bare essentials just so that we can grasp what in the world is this thing, eh?

Androstadienone is found in sweat, auxiliary hair, blood and semen. It is a common ingredient used in the manufacture of perfumes and colognes (haa.... no wonder la i am attracted to some male pour homme, if it were used by the right people). this is a chemosignal substance that causes the visual area of the women's brains to be more active and more alert, hence more attracted to the said male. androstadienone can be considered as the male pheromone.

so, next time, when you see a sweaty uber hot male, you choose, take a good whiff or runaway.

ermm.... i'll pass.


djambu puadovich said...

is it written on d perfume bottle?

[kene beli ni, balik ni ada date dgn somebody]

muekekeke ;)

redSeptember said...

no it is not written on the bottle. macam known "secret" additive kott....

date? wah.... ngan saper la tu :P

djambu puadovich said... wit 'u-know-who' at 'u-know-where'...hahaha

btw, mana la REd dpt gamba org cium2 ketiak tu...kelakau nk maut...=))

13may said...

hehhe heheh

Anonymous said...

ooo yeaahh..!!
i like dat photo!!

nak bau ketiak saya??? wakakakkaka...

Dayah said... betul2 amazing discovery nie.. ecececeh..guys out there msti ramai yg alert ngan entry kali ni & baca ulang2 haha!