Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 nightmares, and i wasn't sleeping

so, i have been admitted to the hospital for 2 days now. first day was because of 2 scheduled procedures and the second day was because of a repeat of the same procedure that had gone bad the first time done. not the doc's fault. blame it on my bowels. the procedures that i am talking about are OGDS and colonoscopy.

the OGDS however, went well. but the colonoscopy, that is what i am gonna share with you guys.

yeah, i was given sedatives for when the procedure took place. i was totally out during the OGDS. didn't even realized anything. but when it came to the colonoscope, i actually woke up in the middle of the procedure and God, the pain that i felt, was undescribable. see, the procedure only requires sedatives to be administered, not anaesthetic drugs. it is just to hasten the procedure and make it easy for the patient and the doctor.

but in my case, i actually woke up. have you heard stories of people who actually woke up in the middle of an operation but couldn't do anything because they were under general anaesthesia? well, thank God that i was still able to talk and move. as soon as i realized the pain that i was going through and actually felt the scope moving in my bowels, i told them to stop and i was almost fighting it. but they held me down and told me that it will be for a little bit more. as my bowels weren't clear for the first time, they had to internally flush my guts and that was excruciatingly painful. finally i got knocked out because i can't stand the pain. and the next thing i knew, i was already in the ward bay.

today was a repeat of the colonoscopy. i was hoping that nothing will happen as i diligently cleared my bowels as much as i could. dr. teddybear (ohhhh... i wish i could hug him) administered the sedatives and i went off. the procedure began without me realizing it. but again, in the middle of the procedure, i woke up again. the pain was not as bad as yesterday. but this time, they pushed in another dose of sedatives. but i was still awake. awake till i felt that they pulled out the scope from my @$$.

but thank God it went well on the investigation side. no more repeat of it i hope.

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farhana said...

wah gilela woke up in themiddle of wonder ur insomnia begitu mempengaruhi...