Tuesday, April 14, 2009

500th entry, woot!

well, as you can see, this is me and my labcoat that i have to don everyday when i am in the hosp. and i am a lazybum as we all are aware of. i don't like to carry many things with me. like some people i see, they carry their books, their notebooks, their stuffs. i feel like it is more of a burden to do so when you are doing bedside. so, i carry most of my things in my pocket. easy, my hands are free to do other things like examine the patient, or do any other procedures. and i don't have to worry about my stuffs obstructing their spaces.

so lookie here: my pocket is bulging and full of things. sometimes, i don't even remember that a particular item is there.

it is mostly full of writing materials. sometimes, they will come up to me, "alia ada pen merah/biru/hitam?" or "alia, you have liquid paper?" or "alia, ada pencil?". i used to do it to others, when i was less equiped. but since i find it a hassle to ask, i carry most of the items that i need in my pocket.

i am the walking stationery shop :P.

so, lets take a look of what lurks in my labcoat pocket:

  1. liquid paper yang macam tak pernah reti habis walau banyak mana aku guna
  2. pen g-soft yang sangat best, better than pilot, yang aku jumpa dalam lecture theater
  3. straight rule
  4. mechanical pencil that came with other stationery stuffs that mama bought for me in borders singapore
  5. pen from equitorial kuching, sarawak.
  6. pen from kedai one stop SP. pen ni best and murah. tapi masalahnya, dia nyer clip kuat patah. sakit hati aku.
  7. pen saras. nnt aku pulangkan la. asyik2 lupa je ni
  8. pen dapat masa tgh isi release form masa buat shooting "kan cheong kitchen" kat ntv7 tu. best giler tulis ngan pen ni.
  9. my fav REd pen sebab mata dia 1.0. smooth jek.
  10. pen hitam yang jumpa kat cyber centre uni.
  11. skin marker untuk buat examination on patient
  12. orange stick untuk test dermatomes of patient
  13. pen torch kesayangan aku yang beli kat singapore baru2 ni
  14. cotton untuk test dermatomes of patient
  15. eraser, entah mana dapat pun aku tak ingat. ke nana yang punya aku songlap :P
  16. love note from mr. P.Ramlee, pasal salter-harries fracture classification.

ok... so tu la stuffs that are in my labcoat pocket. serious banyak, sampai nak kena buat spring cleaning ni. hehehehe....

pada saper2 yang rajin, tunjuk arr apa menda yang ada dalam pocket labcoat korang. :)

f/n: ntah naper aku kena ada pen banyak2 pun aku tak tau. padahal aku bleh tulis pakai satu tangan jek, walaupun aku tgh train tangan lagi satu untuk boleh tulis gak la kan. tu baru sket tu, dalam pencil case aku lagi arr....


nadia said...

sedekah la pen kat i. kat perth ni pen mahal la. plak tu brand pilot xde or maybe i xjumpa kot. huuu~

redSeptember said...

you balik KL, kena stokap la hawtness. i serious recommend g-soft. pilot dah tak best dah... huhuh

Lang Legar said...

zaman pakai labcoat dah lame berakhir..nowadays pakai jaket bengkel that got only slight room for either a pair of pen and pencil and test pen aje..

redSeptember said...

lang amik course apa ya sebenarnya?

Lang Legar said...

manufacturing engineering majoring in management(Industrial Engineering)..btw lg 2 ari mo abes praktikal kat Panasonic ni..tapi xwat langsung entry tgh praktikal hehe..

redSeptember said...

tu la dia, senyap jek :P

btw, lang tak buat pun tag REd... sedey arr.... huhuhuh

Lang Legar said...

hehe bz la keje..lek umah mls dh mo story..
eh tag yg maneka?

Lang Legar said...

owh the one yg tulis tue..
nanti weekend nie wat,mo wat report for training nie..
jgn kecik ati yer huhu..

redSeptember said...

yang "mata pena 0.7"