Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ada apa pada nama?

as according to the arabic translation, my whole name means "the highest eye of the poet", and ALIA stands for "the highest". it is a short simple name that used to be rather rare but it is now everybody's name. and i mean, everybody!! like the new gen girls have "alia" in their names like as if it was another kind of "siti" or "nur".

anyway, i am not writing this entry about names. just about me (what else la right?)...

see, in this posting that i am currently in, most of the staffs and docs know me by my name. i feel really privileged by that because then, they won't be addressing me as "that girl" anymore. but then again, having them know my name as if i were another type of medication or procedure (something that they repeat over and over), does come with a price. if we are doing bedside and the docs want to ask a question, the first person would be, "alia?". if we were in the radiology assesment that takes place every morning, any query on the x-ray plate, for students, will be, "alia, what do you think?". at times, even the patients know me by my name!! and because of this, i have to be on top of my game, if they ask, i have to have the answer, even if i don't, i have to at least try (or ask the others to help me).

there are also good points when they know my name. like when i wanted to try to saw a patient's cast off, the HOD said, "pakcik, alia nak try sikit arr. pakcik kasi kan?", of course pakcik tu kasi. he was a very cooperative patient anyway. then, the sister of the ward pun ok with me, tapi bila dengar cerita from my colleagues, they kata sister tu garang mcam rimau. mana ada... she is ok je with me.

pastu tadi arr, while i was asking mr. sweetheart about the evaluation for our posting, he was saying about the marks that were allocated. and when he went to the part where we are being evaluated with the work that we do in the wards and in the clinic, he jokingly said, "and of course she (me) will get extra for that because she had to do extra work (as a group leader)". i just laughed at that statement. but what was disturbing,was that i saw some faces that changed when he said that. those faces was changed from normal to being envious. awwww!! come on! of course he doesn't mean that. of course we aren't going to be evaluted that way. we will be evaluated accordingly. please la, it was only a joke.

i don't know. but alhamdulillah, so far, in this posting, despite the many2 troubles and tries that we had to endure, i am happy. i mean, people are nice to me, and they do treat me like i am another human being, as opposed to the treatment that i get from mr. pelik and his entourage. like, my frens tell me these people are garang la, marah la, what la, this la, that la, but i haven't seen it (and i hope not to), so, i don't belive it.

if people are nice to me, i can be much much much nicer to them.

now, because they love to call me when they have questions.... i feel like changing my name to...




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