Saturday, April 25, 2009


I used to be a very angry person. the simplest thing that no one bothers about can make me tick. the simplest words can make me feel like i hate the person who said it so much that i don't want to have anything to do with that person anymore. i was full of grudge, i will never let go until i see that the person suffers, in any form possible.

but not anymore.

i have learn (the hard way) that being angry does not do me any good. yeah, i tend to bottle them up. and sometimes, just sometimes i burst. but that is very, very rare. nowadays, i go like "whatever". you wanna do what makes you happy, go ahead. i mean, why should i reciprocate your negativeness right? i do, what i do best, ignore. it goes in one ear, it passes out the other. simple. i don't want to be so full of remorse.

if i keep too much negatives in me, i can never move on. i mean, i am not to say that people can just step over my head. i won't allow that. but there are other ways that i can manipulate to make that person realize that it does not need all these energy. anger is good to be vent out in other ways. like jogging, shopping, sleeping, praying... anything else that is positive.

when in anger, people do stupid things. they say things that they don't mean and end up regretting it later. i do stupid things too, i do it unto myself. i don't involve anyone in it because it is my anger that i should deal with. why should i hurt others, right? when i say something and i hurt the other person, i feel so regretful that a simple "sorry" just don't cut it. that is why i love to remain silent when i am angry, unless i am provoked, then i should give my 2 cents worth, eh?

therefore, i don't let anger get the best of me. for what? waste my time oni. and you shouldn't too. think before you speak ;)

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