Friday, April 3, 2009

just wait....

i got a call yesterday. a call from the uni's HOD. he knew very well that we weren't happy when we were told to go to AS. actually, the real truth behind the story was, we were pushed to go there, by the senior batches who are never easy to deal with in the first place. as obedient students, we went there, day-in, day-out. never complaining anymore, just obliging to the demands.

so, as i was saying....the call....

i took the call, not expecting anything super out of it. just another call i supposed, to let me know about what will be going on for the next week. but to my greatest surprise, it was the call that made my day. HOD of uni, dr. yesSir, told me: "alia, next week the senior batch that was in SP will come to AS. so that means, your group will go back to SP" i was like:

"oh my God!" with all the emotions generated in my voice until dr. yesSir had to say "wait...wait...wait...calm down, calm down". i could hear him smiling, even in his voice. because the day that he told me that we were to be in AS, my face changed totally from sad to worse than sad, and he definitely saw it. and before i left his room when he told me of the grave news, i said: "it's ok sir, i believe, and i always pray for the best". true enough, the best came, like 3 days after.

i always tell the people around me to practice the "law of attraction" and try not to be negative. well, i am not perfect and sometimes, i do have the negative thoughts lingering in my head. but as according to The Secret, the law of attraction works in so many different ways, and it is sure to work if we keep on thiking about it. i never stopped thinking about coming back to SP. no matter how hard they pushed me, i still had hope. and my hope came in the end.

after the call with dr. yesSir, i was given the privillege to have the HOD of hosp's (mr. sweetheart) number, which not many students have in their p/book. so, i called him up and asked him about the arrangements for us for the coming week. he was asking me how was the teaching for last week and i said that i was in AS, i tot he didn't realize that we weren't in SP. but he rephrased himself and wanted to know how did i feel about the teaching in AS. i just told him honestly: "sir, i'd rather be in SP".

we were talking for a while and i was telling him about us coming back and the seniors going to AS. i could hear that he was happy to have us back. and i am pretty sure he knows that we are more than glad to come back.

i told my group of the great news this morning. i can't help but keep all the energy that was generated thru their happyness. they were thanking me and all, but i assure them that it wasn't me to be thankful to, but God, as he has fated that good things comes to those who wait....

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