Friday, April 17, 2009


team A1: the first team from batch 9 to graduate from orthopedics posting

from L-R: Ch'ng Chia Hwei (the most soft spoken girl ever!), Cheah Ping Ping (the of the batch), Amirthai Saras (the risk assesser), Arulselvi (the pretty one), Cassandra Elaine (the genius of the lot), Alia Asha'ari (the crowd pleaser), Cheah Li Lynn (the blur bambi), Beh Boon Ping (the IT analyst). missing from this picture: Anita Vallimalar (the fashion Queen).

in so many ways
we are different.
but in so many ways too
we unite.

we laugh
but we never cried
we took all the challenges they threw at us
with smiles on our faces
and determination in our hearts.

we were strong as individuals
and we became stronger
because we realised
the potentials that are within us.

when one falls
the rest rush to aid,
when one slows
the rest push them straight,
when one weakens
the rest is there on the wait.

we step as an individual
but we walk as a team.

thank you team A1 for being such a trooper. congratulations!


ping2 said...

dear leader grp A1 won't b success without ur guidance. tis posting brought our heart together!!! hope we can maintain n b better in coming postings!! A1 rocks!!

redSeptember said...


thank you CPP. you rawk!