Tuesday, April 28, 2009

am i delusional?

ok, the new posting has started. and yeah, true to what i have been anticipating, psychiatry is so not for me. first of all, it involves alot of talking. second of all, it involves alot of sitting down (i so cannot do this). and then, no procedures are done. basically, we go there, we anxiously clerk a patient (with our minds elsewhere, thinking when are they gonna become aggressive and attack us), and then we present it to our doctor, and we discuss. thank God the doctor is not those types that you can easily get bored with. he's funny, and he is rather cunning.


ooohh.... this is what happened to me today. seriously, i am still wondering, am i not seeing things like how others see it? omg.... you guys!! hence why i am putting this entry up.

see, as i was the first to present a case yesterday, i am not shy to say that i was ill-prepared. i have no idea how to clerk a psychiatric patient, let alone to come to a provisional, and then a proper diagnosis. my patient is suffering from mood disorder. and because i have no idea what that is, i had to do some reading up and present it to the group today. fine, by me, this is how i am gonna learn new things anyway. so, i borrowed a book from the library. not the usual book that everyone else uses. so, dr. froggy was curious and asked who was the author. he also wanted to know which edition was that book. so, i looked thru the pages and i read the year that it was published. but that was years back, and as according to dr. froggy and most of the team, that is highly impossible as the book should be revised and reprinted every year.

so, dr. froggy told CLL to check if i was reading right. and CLL said another year. the book was passed to BBP, he said the same year as CLL said. and they were eyeing me suspiciously with the question: "alia, are you delusional?". i knew they were pulling my leg until the book was passed around and they all said the same year as CLL and BBP. at that point, i was half worried, although i am pretty sure it was a prank. and of course, i was laughing it all off albeit being a tad too defensive. now, they started saying that i am in complete denial. my insight grade is 1 (which is the most severe). omg... deep inside, i am thinking, is this a joke or is this for real. but i was still laughing. my face became hot, partly because i was blushing, partly because i was anxious about the truth.

they (the A1 team) were having a grand time getting at me. i was just joining in the fun, with a flicker (yeah, right. try ALOT!!) of worry in my heart. nevermind... anyway, i need your help. please tell me that i am not reading it wrong. look at the year after the word "international edition"....

what year is that?

and... now, i got a name from them la.... Denial....

adoiyayy... you guys!! takpe, i can plot also.... you wait... you wait...
*evil grin