Sunday, July 5, 2009

revenge of the fallen person when a promise made was broken

yeah... yeah.... i know. i am so 2000 late, as according to fergie in "boom boom pow". but hey, don't blame me, i have tonnes of other things to be done in my life. but the truth is, i was holding on to a promise to watch this...

but as always, promises are meant to be broken, eh?

so, finally yesterday, i went to watch the long awaited Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. Rest assured, i wasn't alone, i had company :)

my take on this movie: it was ok. but i think it was a little too draggy and too long, especially the part where autobots and decepticons were fighting. and the first sight of megan fox was when she was airbrushing a ride. the scene made me wonder, who on God's green earth, sits in that kind of position while trying to complete a paint job? it was sexy at first, but then, it sort of became stupid. anyway, i almost shed that ONE drop of tear when optimus prime DIED. yeah, he did. but hey, he's a PRIME, primes do not die off that easily, eh?

in the end, i'd give it a full-blown 7/10, just because it had too much of unnecessary fight scenes that i thought was boring.

my final word: REVENGE is sweet ;)

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djambu puadovich said...

i guess revenge tastes sweet due to caramel popcorn and sprite on d rocks...(^.~)