Monday, July 27, 2009

restoran 1 2 3, bukan lagu 1 2 3 4 dari plain white Ts ok.

malam semalam aku ada dinner date bersama aunties yang uber cool ok. iye la, i was supposed to pass some presents to them from mama but because we are always very bz, we finally decided to meet semalam kat restoran 1 2 3, kat kampung sungai penchala.

the restaurant is owned by aunty sai's friend. so, the drinks that we had were on the house. saje je aku tak makan lunch so that i will have some space for the dinner and it was worth the wait :). aunty rozie yang belanja. thanks aunty rozie... :)

the food that were served were thai seafood. and of course i had to order the tomyam. a bit on the salty side but sangat best sebab dia tak guna perencah but instead it was own-made. the dinner started off with aunty mariam's bag of maggis which she got from her friend.

so yeah, aku tak pernah jejak ke kampung sungai penchala neh. thanks to them for bringing me to the other side. RASTA, eat your heart out la. harap mahal je lebih... huhhu....

p/s: Yah, i tau ni takde kena mengena ngan entry ni, but i want to confirm your curiousity, YES, HUNNY MADU stays here at our condo. i saw her tadi. nasib baik control, nak je i turun minta otograp untuk you huhuhuh.....

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