Wednesday, July 8, 2009

beware: these can happen to you when you are "in love".

i have a few friends that i know of that are currently "in love". yeah, i put that in inverted commas because it is not actually love per se, but it actually turns out to be lust. but of course no one realizes that until it is, say, too late? i have been observing some of my friends who are rather into their current relationships.

so here are some of my takes:

-you can turn into a really forgetful person. not only because you are in your own world and only thinking of your partner 24/7, but you also tend to forget your friends, and the things and promises that you guys had done or made together.
-your way, is the only way. you want things to go as according to how you want it to be. other ways are totally unacceptable. you become a bitch. just because your partner kisses the ground that you walk on, doesn't mean that others comply to your demands.
-you think you are in control. you want to control even what others do.
-you become arrogant just because you are wanted, by ONE person.
-you become someone else, the IDEAL person in your lover's eye, only when your lover is around. someone that others don't quite know.
-you have new allies, most of the time, they are people of your lover's circle. and when you plan something major, say like, GETTING MARRIED, you will only communicate with your OLD friends via a middle person. no more getting down and personal.
-you don't have time. all your time is for your lover.

now, is this "in love" or bullshit actually?


eliea said...

hmmm r u mad at someone alia?

Anonymous said...

Macam ada bau2 marah jer...
and ayat yang last tu macam tau jer kena kat saper..hehehe-ain

redSeptember said...

eh babes.... we know la who i am tokking about kan... orang kata:

siapa makan durian, badan dia la yang hot, tak?

so, kalau si dia membaca neh, sila la terasa ye...

p/s: korang dah plan ronggeng lom neh?

eliea said...

tu arr i think i know who u meant..but what make u tetiba think abt her? and yes i wish n hope she reads this! Nisa any help mayb? ;-)

makcik red, u cuti sampai bile eh..i pergi perlis tuesday-friday, weekend kat taiping plak..

redSeptember said...

but els, it is not only her. ada beberapa orang juga yang patut di include dalam post ni hehehe...

nnt la, bila kita syed ke, makbul ke, i hapdate la haaa....

i cuti sampai end julai.

bila nak mandi sama gajah ni??