Friday, July 10, 2009

finally: on the world wide web, aku nak mengaku, BETUL apa kata mammy aku: "there is no such thing as BFF"

no offense to my ronggeng geng: you guys are always with me. BFF or not, we are tight and that is what matters.

memang iye, these days, aku tak berani nak guna perkataan "forever" because it feels to vague and although i can be 180% sure, can the other person be as sure as i am? talking about loyalty, some people just don't really comply to it. especially orang yang cepat lupa daratan atau, seperti kacang mengelembu yang lupakan kulit, eh?

tapi dengan geng ronggeng aku (kings, els, ain, roz), we understand each other. takyah nak cakap pun, we know when we are busy, when we need some time alone, when we need to go crazy, when we need to be there for each other. memang takyah nak cakap because actions speak louder than words kan? ok, masing2 ada kerja and life masing2, but we don't ever forget about each other. that is the coolest part. sekarang ni kita nak recruit yang baru since ada satu yang dah lama lupakan kita kan?? so jenna, you ready to be the RONGGENGS? heheheh hey, this is an honour k.. :P

tokking abt bff, mammy aku nasihatkan aku after some events that had occured. mammy pernah lalui a terrible part in her life where her bff (or so we all thought) left her out in the cold. of course there were heartbreaks, but mammy came to be stronger and more guarded and vigilant on chosing her companions now. which is good cause kadang2 aku tgk some of the people yang nak kenal ngan mammy pun sebab they want to leech things out from her.

anyway, i thought i had a bff. but aku dah sedar la. i was just being delusional. aku salah sangka rupanya. tapi takpelah. aku tak menyesal pun kenal insan itu. dan aku mmg treasure segala apa yang kita pernah lalui bersama. sekarang aku macam dah takde perasaan nak kisah kan insan itu. walaupun kadang2 aku duduk terdiam, is it worth it to let go just like that without even putting my thoughts out in the open? ntah arr....

is there such thing as forever?


djambu puadovich said...

diamonds are forever...habib jewels...hehehe

redSeptember said...

uisshh... habib jewels jgn sebut, nanti cucu dia marah :P

djambu puadovich said...

cucu pak habib tu sape? (?_?)

redSeptember said...

cucu habib: kawan REd

uncle kawan REd: kawan mammy REd :)