Saturday, July 11, 2009

lagi satu sebab kenapa aku sayang dia neh

"alia, take my pictures during the process"


**snap snap snap [sambil kacau dia]

"alia, i am not wearing the same pair of socks"

"omg, raj, kau mmg tak senon"

**snap snap snap

"hey, not my fault ok. it's laundry day. these are the only ones around, and they even have holes" *smirk

[aku tak perasan pun ada lubang kat stokin dia]

**snap snap snap

"alia, you are drawing more attention to it"

"sexy, you like attention right?"

[dia senyum dari telinga kanan ke telinga kiri]

seriously, only he can pull this kind of things off.

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Anonymous said...

this guy must be super cool and humble and don't have a care in the world. i like him already and may he be a very good doctor in the future - mama