Friday, February 8, 2008


i know it is a little delayed, but it is finally here. thanks to nana and jo-ee who reminded me about my list... what list you ask? i hear you. the answer to that is.....

RED's birthday wish list

*grins.... ngeeeee....ngeee.....*

september 19th is the day for me. it is approximately 83 days more (coincidence?). i will be turning 19 (again!!) soon... hehehehe

so here goes: this is my birhtday wish list fr this year.
  • studio ghibli's anime DVD pack (available in popular bookstores)
  • external DVD player (to be connected to my lapt so i can watch the studio ghibli anime)

  • Mary Jane crocs in pearl or chocolate or seafoam (size 10). here is the link

  • sugar-free jelly beans

  • guitar kapok (yang biasa2 tu) with new set of strings. i want to get back to playing.

  • fat-free nestle hot choco drink (25cals per sachet!!! CRAVE!!)

  • fedora hat (i have a big skull, mind)
  • box cap
hot man can also be included as an extra bonus hehehe....

  • parachuting experience
  • a camping trip
  • "absolute cashmere" perfume oil from The Body Shop
  • a tub of 94% fat-free, sugar-free lecka-lecka chocolate soy gelato
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's debit card that can last me till he end of year
  • owl pendant
  • unique or foreign magnets (i collect magnets)
  • cali bitz from skechers.

tapi kalau dah ada byk buttons ni, kena la ada crocs satu lagi kan? so, saper nak book maryjanes tu?

  • MARIAN KEYES 3bies that could be found in MPH.

just so that you guys know, i already have 3 of her books, namely: sushi for beginners, further under the duvet, and anybody out there? so, if you wanna get this for me, make sure you get the combo without the titles that i already have k, *smiles*

itu aja la (for now). i am very the simple person one... heheheeh

saper yang dah book nak beli yang mana tu, cakap le awal2 k. nnt tak le overlap kan :)


Anonymous said...

I chup to buy the box cap or the fedora hat!!xD..hehe..boring je wish list kaklin..:P..kaklin takde bubuh kasut utk hospital ke??

Munira said...

What, no sports car? Or are you discouraged by the petrol hike? *grins*

I mati-mati ingat I missed your b'day... until I reread your post and realized that it's not until the next 3 months. Apa lah lu. But nice wish list.

redSeptember said...

takde saper nak chup the mary-janes ke?


miao_jo said...

chup : studio ghibli...

i scar-ed tat the offer might be over... so i got it alr.. wakakakaka