Sunday, February 17, 2008 broke my HYPOTHALAMUS....

recently, i have done (compilation) researches (of course i did some reading too, not blindly copy + paste the articles) on the science of love. it is amazing as to how we have been wrong all this while thinking that our heart plays a major role in the feeling of love. sorry to burst your bubbles, but that is so not true.

the overused heart icon in terms of love, functions medically and of course logically, only to pump blood to the whole body. it serves as an engine running the human machine. it maintains the pressure, maintains the oxygen profusion of tissues, and of course it is very2 vital. but as compared to the brain, the heart falls in 2nd place.

you can have someone who has a perfectly working heart but that person is brain dead. no point, that person can't communicate with you, can't show any reactions, can't think, that person has become an 'IT' or on a more simple layman term: a vegetable. no feelings, no thoughts, nothing. physically it is there, emotionally, it has died.

the real location where we feel comes from the HYPOTHALAMUS. this is the part of the brain which is vital when someone is in love. let it be love between lovers, parent and child, siblings....anything. there are a series of chemicals that are released when you are in love and when you cuddle, there are another set of chems that starts to flood your hypothalamus. this is actually where you recognize the feeling of LOVE.

so, next time when you are said to be "heartbroken", think again. the correct sentence would be: "i am hypothalamusbroken". yeah, it is a bit (alot!) tounge twisting, but it worth the say to express what you feel.

their HYPOTHALAMI are broken.

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