Sunday, February 10, 2008

A GR8 end to a SHORT break.

it has been a great short holiday and today is the last day of my hols. i am supposed to be in my hostel right now, but i am still home. i can't seem to leave home cause i love being here so much. i am still home because i didn't get a tkt to get back to campus (thank GOD!). although it was only 3 weeks, i have done so many things and i felt like it was only yesterday that i came back here for my holidays. i sure did ENJOYED myself to the max this time round and i can bet that no one else had as much fun as i did. i am so LUCKY!!

so finally today, after so so so long, i went out with ROZEL and KINGS to OU. they wanted to get some shoes and do a spot of shopping. i tagged along to update meself on the current goss that were in the air but never reached my frequency. as soon as we reached the center of the new wing, the lion dance was about to start. we hung out around there as i wanted to catch the performance, by hook or by crook. i even climbed on the stage (where the drummers were set up) just ti have a better view of the lion dance. i don't care one!!

after the dance, we walked further and window shopped and talked and do all the normal girly stuffs till we got famished (for me that is, as i only had fruits and soda for lunch). so, we hung out at the place infront of jusco and ate our hightea. they had sushi and i had baked sweet potato.

where we had our simple hightea and gossiping session (plus camwhorring of course!!)

kings also decided to pierce her ears. suddenly, i felt the urge to do the same, but where else?? i am so running out of space!! actually, i am waiting for either one of my sisters to do it, i will be their companion in piercing. heheheh

the piercing session. see in the first picture: kings holding onto the pole for dear life. takut ke? wakakakk

patrick teoh smiled and sorta like talked to me (he is so friendly, and of course, BANGGA SEYYY!!)

i saw AFDLIN SHAUKI in person!! gawsh!! i was so damn starstrucked when i saw him. he is shorter than me by the way....

Goodbye my HOME. Goodbye my FUN (tune: JAMES BLUNT)


Eliea said...

bestnyaaa hangout!! rindu22..dimana cik adik ain ya? busy berjumpa en abang ke? hehe ..apa hot news in town ya?

redSeptember said...

hot news? i am STILL SINGLE. cukup hot tak?? :P

rozel said...

Alia! I'm here!! now u can't say i'm not supporting u eh..nice pics! should put the caption as waiting for train sambil mkn sushi..konon2 in japan. haha..miss you already babes!

redSeptember said...

thank you sweetness for stopping by. gbr kita mana?? waiting.....
neways, lepas ni rajin2 le stop lg.

next hangout mana laks? :P

miss you loads oso laaaa