Monday, February 4, 2008

Nightmare on an EMPTY stomach

The last time I had a proper meal was sometime before 3 in the afternoon yesterday. I wasn’t feeling that well, it has been 2 days already. Didn’t wanna do much about it but I just doused myself in truckloads of paracetamols (didn’t help at all. Just made me sleepy). In the evening, I haven’t got much appetite for dinner (more like we didn’t have the mood to make proper dinner hehehe), so I ended up snacking on fat-free pretzels, milk coffee, and fruits. Felt so much like puking but I managed to hold everything where it is supposed to be.

Then, at about 2330, when I am supposed to be sleeping but obviously I can’t (I suffer from insomnia: I can’t sleep, clowns will eat me), my gastric pumps start to work on full throttle. The pain was inevitable but I hadn’t had the stomach to take anything in, let alone plain H-2-O!! so, in the quest to save meself, I frantically searched for my lost ANTACIDS (where the hell I put ‘em???). search….search….search….AHA! there it was, in my backpack. Took a couple of them pills while I was satisfying my eyes with eye-candy AMI JAMES and CHRIS GARVER from MIAMI INK on the telly. After a few mo, I got up to switch off the TV cause the eye-candies were over and partly because I wanted to sleep (so that I cannot feel the pain caused by my gastric overflow). I am not too sure as to exactly what time that I finally dozed of but what I am pretty sure is that, the nightmare starts as soon as I closed my eyes, where I was in the stage of sleep-conscious state.

An entity that I KNOW for sure is a male, came up to me and pressed down (classic right? Seriously, this is TRUE!). I struggled to be free when he started to climb on top of me. I was saying my prayers and I was screaming for mama to help me cause I could still hear her talking in the room next door. But my screaming was to no avail as I could only hear me scream in my head, physically, I was as mute as a cadaver. A few times, it tricked me by making me believe that I was free and that I could run to mama’s room for help. But when I was “in her room” she couldn’t hear me, she couldn’t even see me! It was like my body was apparating in front of her, like thin air (not so thin, judging from my physicals L) . I struggled some more to be free from this entity. I kept on screaming, hoping so much that someone could hear me. At point that I almost gave up, I managed to scream “MAMA” in the lowest audible sound frequency ever (eh, how do I know this?), I could hear myself physically.

I got into my full conscious state and I wanted to go to mama. But I couldn’t hear her talking anymore. I checked on her and saw that she was already sleeping. My head was in a buzz and I was scared, really scared. I called my fren to help calm me down as I had no one to speak at that mo. I couldn’t put myself to sleep soon after that incident. I don’t know as to what time I slept off exactly, but thank GOD, I managed to sleep after that.

Moral: do not sleep on an EMPTY stomach.

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