Friday, February 8, 2008

Uncle Chin Chai, more like.

'Twas the afternoon of the 2nd day of chinese new year 2008. i can't believe that they are so many shops that are closed, even the ones that are owned by the non-chinese who i assume very much do not celebrate CNY. anyway, we decided to go to ikano to have our lunch since we were already out at that moment and ikano seemed to be the most feasible one to go to. because mama and yah were really, hungry, they decided to have their lunch at UNCLE CHIN's FAMOUS CHICKEN RICE (SUPERBOWL) eatery. about awhile back, we stopped eating here cause there was no HALAL certificate owned by the eatery. now that we saw the HALAL certificate proudly displayed by the owner, we stopped by to have some "FAMOUS" chicken rice.
the setup was very much the passe kopitiam style. bore.... bore.... *yaaaawwwwnnnn*
ALL of the workers there are INDONESIANS. they do not have proper uniforms nor do they serve you well. the place used to be service at the table concept. now, we have to self serve and yet, in the tab,they still charge you for service , WTF?? anyway, i didn't have anything there as i wasn't that hungry. so, i decided to go get my fix of popiah sisters crispy popiah, minus all the fried crispy stuffs. i also got one set for the others to have which is full of the delicious crispy stuffs.
mama and yah ordered chicken rice. mama's is steamed chiken drumstick that costs RM7.90 and yah's was roasted chicken wings that costs RM7.50
this was how it looked like:
.....very disappointing, don't you reckon? even i who was not eating this dish felt like crying bloody tears seeing the way the dish is served and how minute the quantity was. moreover, the rice was not cooked at all!

they both had warm barley which costs RM2.50 a pop. at least there were no complaints against this. but then again, barley always taste the same yeah?
the unfinished business: they couldn't finish the meal because the rice was uncooked but they had to eat something as they were very hungry. so, they finished the chicken and quarter of the rice that were served.

thank GOD there was POPIAH SISTERS that came to the rescue. the popiah helped to fill in those growling stomachs that were disappointed by the WORST EVER MEALS!
Ikano Power Center
tel/fax: 03-77222933
P/S: don't ever WASTE your time and dough to eat there. if you are damn famished, i'd suggest the mamak stall about 7 shops away (ikea bound) from this damn eatery.
UNCLE CHIN'S FAMOUS CHICKEN RICE.....will not be so famous after this.

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