Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nasi Lemak SS2 is so PHAT!

This place has existed way beyond my childhood years (that was not very long ago, mind you). it started off in the back alley of some houses in ss2. the business was started off by this very nice elderly couple that we got to know while dining at their gerai. we have known them so long that they know all about us and they keep on asking about each and every1 of us if it has been awhile since they last saw us.

now, they have moved away from that back alley but still in ss2. currently, they are located in the gerai area opposite the ss2 police station. the set up is nothing fancy, just a simple table top, where all their dishes are displayed and some tables and odd pieces of chairs for the patrons to have their food there. they share the location with other gerai owners and they sort of compliment each other. most of the time, people go there and have their nasi lemak on-the-go. even the rich and well-endowed go there to have their (daily) fix of nasi lemak. word of caution though, you have to be early to get your nasi lemak cause they finish fast and the queue is not for the people who are impatient.
THE SETUP: nothing fancy schmancy. it is not about the place, it ALL about the food when it comes to NASI LEMAK SS2
The rice is cooked in the most traditional way ever! they steam the rice with lemongrass and coconut milk, seasoned with salt. each grain of rice is separated from each other and the rice is cooked to perfection. the dishes are traditional nasi lemak dishes such as rendang (beef/chicken/kerang), sambal (sotong/tahu/kosong/udang/petai <-only available on saturdays), masak lemak (kaki ayam/telur), egg (fried/hardboiled), fried anchovies + fried peanuts, fresh cucumbers, and some more additions that i can't quite remember. the dishes are not so heavy as compared to nasi lemak at other places because they skim the oil, and the gravy is not so laden with coconut milk.
set 1: ayam masak lemak (2 pieces of chicken wings) + sambal udang + fresh cucumbers + fried anchovies and peanuts + half of hardboiled egg + steamed coconut rice
set 2: rendang ayam + rendang daging + half of hardboiled egg + fresh cucumbers + fried anchovies and peanuts + steamed coconut rice

set 3: kaki ayam masak lemak + rendang ayam + sambal kosong + fried anchovies and peanuts + fresh cucumbers + steamed coconut rice
The tab came up to RM28 (there are 2 other sets that we had to go. the dishes were different but nevertheless the quantities were almost the same) for 5 nasi lemaks, with each one averaging at about RM5.60.
We went away leaving the nasi lemak wrappers empty and clean!
Once you have THIS nasi lemak, no other nasi lemak can top it.
trust me, i can still REMEMBER the taste just by looking at these pix!!
F/N:Only TRY if you DARE.

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Ethan said...

i've been here before :D the line gets pretty long in the morning, but its well worth it. totally.