Monday, February 4, 2008

2 engagements and a (still) single (and available) me.

since i got back for my holidays about 2 weeks back, i have been attending 2 engagements of my aunts who have decided to end their bachelorette days with the union of love that they share with their significant others. and as all malay engagements go, the flamboyant ceremony is accented by the presence of a small group of close family and friends. usually, for engagements, the affair is very small, so almost everyone chip in to help, physically or in terms of fund. these are just gestures of kindness to ease the day for the families of the future bride and groom. i like to go to these ceremonies mainly because i like to look at the hantaran (gifts) and comment on them (yeah, i can't keep meself shut about this), and also to get some ideas of how my hantaran (if it EVER gonna happen, that is) should NOT look in the future (be it far future or near future or whatever...hehehe).

then as always, seeing that all these family members are getting older and they know that i am still single and available, the sure-fire question is guranteed to popup: "so, you bila lagi? nenek tengah sihat ni, cepat2 la sikit. nanti nenek sakit, susah nak datang tengok." or "eh, you tak teringin ke nak join the club? takkan takde boyfriend kott?" all i could do is smile and smile some more. what else would they expect from me yeah? they want me to say "my turn is next week, don't forget to come!" is it? aissshhh....

THE WAIT: the family members of the bride's side (that's our side) are waiting for the rombongan (family members) of the groom's side. the feeling of anxiety was THE ambience that we were in.

THE ARRIVAL: the rombongan of the groom has finally arrived with their hantarans (gifts). i can't quite tell as to which one is from the groom's side or which one is from the bride's side as i am not so familiar with them. so, as an unpaid, unprofessional cameralady, i kept on smiling and snapping pix happily :P.

BUNGA RAMPAI: a basket of fragrant dried flowers and the MUST HAVE shredded pandan leaves that were thrown all over the groom's rombongan to welcome them and as a token of appreciation for their sincere arrival. the thrower was non other than our notorious KPC aunty nyow. layan......

THE TOL: abah standing there all handsome and macho as the main person to greet the members of the groom's rombongan. he didn't actually collect any money though... heheheh

THE DISCUSSION: this is when the discussion between the bride's and groom's family take place. they discuss mainly about the date of the wedding, the money, the location and stuffs like that.

THE HANTARAN: something from Q-Jelly, ikano power comment......


.....and me... what else am i to do? CAMWHORRING la with ALEYA.
P/S: and yet, after all the questions and all the berkat that i was "supposed" to get from these engagements, i am still SINGLE and AVAILABLE. (-_-")

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