Monday, February 25, 2008

i don't KNEAD bread

the first time i saw this NO KNEAD BREAD recipe, i was excited to the bone! simpy because the recipe does not require any additional fat! i made (forced actually), yah to help me (do it all) make the bread. after much sweet talking (coaxing), she managed to open her heart (at gun point) into joining me in this culinary experiment.

first proofing stage that took 12hours. she started off at 1000, so the next step was at 2200.

we (she), baked the bread at about 2330, after we came back from a session of body combat. i was so hungry and tired all at the same time and i know that i shudn't be eating this at this time of nigth. but what the heck.... i didn't have anything for dinner and i was HUNGRY.....

this was how the bread ended up looking like. purrdy, ain't it?

the cut section (sound so pathological) has massive air holes, homogenous, ivory in colour and soft in consistency. you MUST eat it fresh to taste the deliciousness of it. sadly, all at home were sleeping already. so, i managed to get it fresh. yah had it the next day and she insisted that we did something wrong. i still like it though. all it need is to be kept in the fridge, and when you want to eat it, cut the desired portion, double toast it in the toaster (toast it twice) or heat it up in the oven, and voila! you get a crisp bread similar to crutons but with fluffy interior.

full recipe at:

have fun trying!

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