Friday, February 22, 2008

on call or off9 or whatever, this is my DAILY ROUTINE from now on.

Since the new academic year starts, i have been trying to get into the routine ASAP. i got back a day later than the rest, and oh my! i feel totally lost. the next day, the HOD of the medical department made me the group leader out of her own judgement (i am so not proud of this. really, if you know her, you'd rather be no one that she knew of). i didn't know what was coming till it hit me. the responsibilities and the assignments that i have to make sure that are on par were way beyond what i can handle. but i am trying, seriously i am.

so lemme tell you how my daily routine goes. i can never run away from this unless there is a cancellation in the schedule (which will be replaced later, and hog the whole day's schedule, sometimes up to 7pm!).

initially, i woke up at 6am and found myself rushing for time. so i decided to wake up at 0545 (yes, 15minutes does alot of difference!!) to avoid the rush. but nowadays, i automatically wake up at 0430, but i force myself to get more shut eye till i can't stand it anymore. so, nowadays, i am on autowake at 0530.

i get ready, pack my stuffs, have my breakfast.

by 0700, i talk the WALK. actually, i could take the walk at 0715, but that would require me to rush out. since i wanna take in the morning air (actually, conserving energy, more like), i take a slower walk, while hooked on the radio, listening to the DJs, making me smile (sometimes...).

my walk out is to BBP's place, which is beside the campus compound.

i make it a point to reach at the meeting point for the WAIT, early. this is cause i hate making ppl wait for me, and a note to all: i hate waiting for ppl too. i'll wait for about 10mins till BBP comes round in his car.
then, we make our way to the hospital. we are to be in by 0815, that is when the doc-in-charge is to take our attendance. and since i am the grp leader, i have to be in prior to any1 else (does not usually happen this way...). our ward is on the 6th floor. for another morning ex, i would take the stairs up. good for the heart, bad for my flailing knee.....

as soon as we are in, the CLERKING and EXAMINING starts. this will go on till the doctor that is supposed to take us for consultations, comes. so, i'd be buzy (on my feet) for sometimes up to 3 and a half hours doing this. sometimes, we'll talk to the patients to boost their emotions. take some blood, measure some temps, check some BPs...those routine sorts....

when i can't take it anymore, i'd have a little sit-down and read something (or at least pretend to so that the HOD won't catch me being redundant).

in comes the doc. this is the CONSULTATION session, where the students will have a discussion with the doctor on the cases that were available. bedside sessions are also done to ensure a hands-on experience.

the hospital should be over by 1230 or slightly earlier or much later.....

the the second rush begins: to the campus.

sometimes, campus classes starts at 1300 (which gives us no time for lunch break. so, i would stop by the roadside to get nangka, then rush back to the hostel and gulp down some coke light. good combo eh??) or if we are "lucky" at 1400. then it'll go on till 1700. but on mondays, thursday, and fridays, my class will finish at 1930 because i have to take the religious class, it is MANDATORY.

after the classes end.... my adrenaline rush needs some pumping.

so what do i do? i hit the GYM. this is the only ME time that i actually have. this is where i have my thoughts on something else other than my studies (but actually, it all ends up with me thinking of what i must know for the next session of studies...haiiisshhhh....).

gym goes on for approx 1 and a half hour. then, it is back to my hostel, cook my dinner, have my dinner. do my chores (laundry, dish washing). do my assigments. some (literally!) studying. surfing the net in between and chatting with mama or jo-ee or khalid (recently it was UTS DEV VAL!!! miss you babes).

this goes on till whenever i can fall asleep (i suffer from insomnia. i can't afford to take them pills on my workdays cause i can't be sleepy in the morn), usually.... it is about 0030 or a little over 0100.

then..... the whole cycle starts again.... + some minor adjustments (which allows me to steal an hour and 15mins nap: just ONCE!, in the afternoon).

if i have on call nights, this means i would be awake for 19hours straight (this happened to me just last nite), and yet, i still can't get a decent sleep.....eventhough i am at home now.

this will be the routine of my life, and i'm loving it! (NOT!)

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