Friday, February 1, 2008

Fitness First, EAT Second

After a session at the gym, sweating (for those who actually workout, that is) your heart and soul out, by all means, INDULGE!! yes, after a good workout, one could indulge on anything under the sun (but in moderation of course. quote: "moderation is the key" -Prof. Dr. Dato' Mama) in the span of 120minutes (that is equals to 2 hours for those who is hard with the numbers) right after the workout. this is because, at this duration of time, the body is rapidly metabolizing fuels to replenish the body with energy. therefore, whatever you flush down your throat goes into burning (burn baby! burn!) mode almost immediately!

along came LOQMAN, the resident BENTO BOX lunch vendor. he comes round at the lobby of FITNESS FIRST THE CURVE to sell his BENTO BOX lunches (malaysian style) to the patrons and staffs of the gym. but if you want to try his goodies (food, i mean. now behave yourselves ladies!), by all means, you can buy from him directly without having the need to be a gymmy or a staff at FF.

Loqman is a MUSLIM CHINESE that cooks EXCELLENT healthy food. his lunches consists of plain rice and 3 side dishes. the portions are really good and the taste is MARVELLOUS. the sets are not constant, some days, he comes with chicken rice, some days with tomato rice, he just don't fail in surprising you! when he is less bz, he'll bring round some desserts that taste no less than perfect. the best part of it all is, he sells 'em real CHEAP. one BENTO BOX costs RM3.50 (ringgit malaysia three & fifty cents) ONLY!!!

combo 1: plain white rice + chicken sambal + potatoes with sweet soy sauce + beef rendang

combo 2: lightly stir fried long beans + plain white rice + slice of plain omellete + chicken sambal

better be quick though. Loqman's BENTO LUNCHES are limited editions (he only brings round like about 30 boxes per day). you can find him there at about 1130 - 1300 everyday except weekends.

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