Friday, February 29, 2008

you know you are a doctor when your patient's happyness comes first before you.

i just got back to my abode from a 17 hours 30 minutes, non-stop, day yesterday. i was almost drained of energy and will but thanks to saras' coffee fix, coke lite, and of course, my patients' needs and happyness, i made it thru.

i have always thought that i have to make myself happy inorder to make others happy. this still applies. but right now, no matter how i have been bashed by the HOD or the poyo M.Os, i have to have a thick face and be cool about it. i musn't show any sadness infront of my patients. gladly, i managed to master this part of the trick of this trade called MEDICAL HEALTH CARE.

i had a patient, mr. MFH, 20 year old male who came in suspected of bronchitis. but as we examined him further, he had something else which he did not mention to the doctors. told him like a gazillion times to mention it the next time he is checked, but he never did it. nevertheless, he came in with a grave face, but when he was discharged yesterday afternoon, he looked so happy. we gave him a good company and we made him feel like a person who is very important to us. the cute part was, he noticed that i changed my nose stud colour, how observant! he took pictures of me and saras as he was leaving and he had a heavy heart to see us leave him for his final lunch before discharging. the important thing is: he is HAPPY.

my patient that i saw last nite, mr. AS, came in with diabetic complications, 49 y.o. the last time i saw him was last year, and now, i see him again. he looked no better than the last, and i was terribly concerned about him depsite the fact that i was really tired. i put up a great smile for him and asked him if he remembers me: he does. he was glad to see me again and i was glad to see him too, but of course, i told him that i want to see him, not in the hospital. i want to see him well. he is currently on dialysis, and mind you, it is really expensive. as he is not a working man, i was talking to him about some places that he could go and get dialysed for a little less payment. i want to see him HAPPY, i want to see him being VIBRANT, i want to see him SMILE. we were talking while my legs are screaming of lethargy.
he wants me to look for him the next time i go to hosp. i promised him i will. i'll do my best to see him. i want to make his day. now, i am searching for info for him so that his burden could be lessen.

there are many other patients that need attention. the sad thing is that, many health care personnels do not see this. they see them as work, something to be done, not something to care for.

my happyness is nowhere near my priority, my patients' are.

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Anonymous said...

You're gonna be a great doctor... you care!