Sunday, February 10, 2008

this is ZOO disappointing

Who would have thought that in my (very) young adult life, I would once again venture the vicinity of ZOO NEGARA MALAYSIA. The last time I was there was like when I was in junior high, when I took my 2 adorable sisters for a zoo day. After such time, I would think that the zoo would be so much better now. Boy, was I TOTALLY wrong!

The welcoming disappointment was the entrance to the parking. Ok, it is understandable that is was a SATURDAY, which by logic means that the management should do something to accommodate the flood of visitors that the would expect on a SATURDAY. Get this, we had to queue to get into the parking lot! And the best part was that, they opened only 1 (ONE) side of the gate to the entrance of the car park. Like hello!!! You are supposed to open both gates to allow more visitors in. Not shun them away like so….motto: REDUNDANCY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS

The welcoming committee: the JAM Only 1 (ONE) gate is opened

The ticketing system has also changed. It became WORSE! You buy your ticket at a whole different building, and then, you enter at another. And the have this gazillion volunteers to make work “more efficient” by jotting down the number of visitors, putting on the wrist band for you, taking the wrist band off for you as you exit, and all that jazz, just to show the “friendliness” and the “welcoming” effect of the place. Gawsh! You know, I seriously think that these volunteers should instead help clean up the place and take good care of the animals instead!

But nevertheless, we braved ourselves and put our hopes on HIGH as we enter.
Arms together now. Lets enjoy ourselves!! (not….)
We were very impressed when we were welcomed by these stunning sights: the greenery, the animals, the ZOO. My adrenaline was on SUPER HIGH! After about 5 minutes (literally), it went to DOWNLOW. Why, you ask? Well, cause after the elephants (which looked kinda stressed because they were taunted by the visitors who are trying to feed them with food that you have to buy from the zoo which costs RM1 a pop, they are really smart in making money), there were nothing (I’m not kidding!!) else interesting to see. This is a ZOO right? But what I see most is people, more people, stupid trains, empty animal conservatories, more and more people, food places, trash, stressed animals, and irritating souls. But where are the animals??

…eatery that sells food which costs more than a proper restaurant, and yet it is so trashy. Where are the volunteers? Or the cleaners?

Some (the only animals that were actually visible) of the animal pictures that I managed to take shots of. Most of the time, I was shooting the floras instead of the faunas, and yeah, of course, camwhorring was on the agenda (how could ever not be??)

They look sad don’t they?
Last time, when they took out the animals from their conservatories, you could go there and take pictures with these animals for FREE. You could pat them, stroke them, pamper them, anything! NOW, to have your pictures taken, you’d have to pay RM15 for it!! One miserable picture is RM15!! And if you bring your videocam, you’d have to pay RM15 to take it into the ZOO!! What the hell is all this? All they think about is $$, where the F**k is the QUALITY? In some animal poo? Up their asses? Gawsh, I am so bloody disappointed. Nothing like this is in PERTH NATIONAL ZOO.

Don’t let me start talking about the toilets. Along the route that I was walking through in the zoo (which is almost the whole vicinity), I only came across 3 (THREE) public toilets. The first one had only 2 cubicles, smells worse than the cadaver unit of the anatomy department, full of people, and only had one cubicle working. The 2nd one that I went to was rather better than the 1st as it does not stink as bad and most of the cubicles are working (I assume there were about 6 cubicles). The 3rd one however, I didn’t take a look at it. Yah, went in though, she didn’t complain about it, so I guess it is feasible.

All in all, it was a total disaster. Don’t waste your time going there unless the authorities take REAL actions in making the place a better destination.

So damn HAMPEH!


Sugar Bean said...

Yeah, we actually think that the animals look a bit sad too. But it's not well-maintained, that's the consequence!

Nice blog here! :)

redSeptember said...

don't you agree that we have the same 1st pic? hehehe

thanks for the compli!