Sunday, October 25, 2009

i have a problem and it is called SHOPPING

people say that shopping is so much better than sex because if you don't like it, you can always go back to the store and exchange it. well, i don't know about that cause between those two, i only know how shopping feels like and mind you, it feels GREAT.

yes, i am one of the statistics,and yes, i admit, i do have a problem. sometimes when i am angry, i just say to myself: "i need to shop". well, it beats looking for someone to talk to and wondering if that person really wants to spend his/her time listening to you nag about the things that make you angry. hence why i don't carry much cash with me or if i do, i will allocate the cash that i have into different compartments of my carry-on, hoping to God that i'll forget that i have some money with me. most of the time, i will buy things that i don't need, but i want. like shoes. some of my shoes, i've only worn them like ONCE and now they are waiting in boxes in the shoe closet. like earrings, i have boxes of them at home. some, i never wear at all. like cards, i don't even know who to send them to. like clothes, i don't even know when i will wear them. now that i can't fit into them, i give them away.

but not anymore.

i still have that problem of shopping. but whenever i go around, and i buy stuffs, i don't actually buy for me. i buy for people who are not as fortunate as me (this is what my mother has taught me: when we share our fortune, more will come...insya'Allah), or i buy things for my family (for their coming birthdays), or i shop for food. i love food shopping, it is just unexplainable. and i like to stock up on detergents, shampoos, soaps, i am beginning to be like my mother ( O M G!!).

the best part is, i am a smart shopper. i know how to hunt for good bargains. not many can withstand a shopping trip with me. i can walk for hours just looking for the best bargains, and i don't even mind buying items that are reduced to clear. sometimes, there are nothing wrong with the items. it is just some faulty packaging. clothes that are not in fashion anymore, when mixed and mathced with other items, they look like they are the upcoming trend. see, i am not a trend follower.

so there goes, i am a problematic individual and my favourite 4-letter word is S-A-L-E.....


Anonymous said...

kekekeke *bace sambil senyum sowang2 *_^

Adz Ariff said...

those sure are a lot of shopping bags...hehe :)

for me...since dah keje ni sllu kena budget je...this month perfume, next month kasut. tp duit tetap flow gak cuma x nampak kat mane.