Friday, September 25, 2009

thanks to them but there is still time for those who "forgot" hehehe

REd's 2009 Birthday WishList

-'police line' guitar strap
-a car (i really NEED one to go to work in the hospitals) [lets not talk about this now]
-an all-expense paid adventure trip
-an iguana or boa constrictor as a pet
-anything from here
-cash (nothing less than rm50 ok. yes, i am demanding :P ) [duit raya tak kira!! :) ]
-cool and unique badges/buttons
-diving liscence so that i can go diving with the sharks in Aquaria
-DSLR camera
-ESCADA perfume or The Body Shop's absolute cashmere perfume oil [the DeVil wears perfume pun ok gak ;)]
-guitar capo
-lady's chronograph watch (guess or tag heuer)
-oakley StraightJacket
-PDA Phone (SE Xperia or Blackberry)
-Red Thomas Sabo charm
-sky diving
-sports performance counter watch (the calorie counter thingamajig)
-time well spent with you know who you are

i got 2 pendants that were on my list earlier: the owl (djambu) and the Allah pendant (nana).

although my birthday was really quiet this year due to some circumstances, i got all the best wishes and love from many people and the most important people are always in my heart.....


Anonymous said...

wahhhh meriahnyeee...mcm dpt mercun la plak...mcm2 adaaaaaa : ))hehehehe

djambu puadovich said...

ur welcome. anytime...

AZANI said...

wow,,,,banyaknya hadiah...birthday you?

redSeptember said...

@ ichigo: mercun mana best macam ni

@ djambu: sure?

@ azani: iye saye

djambu puadovich said...

sure i'm sure ;)

alhariesz said...

Happy belated birthday.... :)