Tuesday, September 1, 2009

not another sad excuse

i just realized something: i am suffering from post traumatic short-term memory loss.

no, i am not joking. i really am, and this is not a sad excuse to get out of things. i thought i was ok, until time and again, i keep on forgetting the immediate things that i wanted to do, or say.


~the day when the accident occured, leong asked me for my phone number. we were at the scene of the accident. i gave him my number without any hiccups. then, when we were in the police station, someone asked me for my number. i went blank. i looked at leong and i asked him, "leong, apa number saya?". i never forget my number and most of the important numbers are in my head. i can remember my account numbers, phone numbers, birthdates, and so many more. but that day, i lost it.

~i was at home. i went to take my shower. and then i was supposed to take something to put on. it was a routine thing, but i can't remember what was it. i walked around, and then i realized what was it that i forgot.

~i was walking towards the kitchen. i am supposed to take something from my bag. as soon as i turned to take it, i ignored that task and immediately walked back to the kitchen. then when i was in the kitchen, i remembered that i was supposed to do something. but i can't remember what. i paced back and forth around the house and i finally took that item out of my bag.

~i got a msg from kings saying that she wanted to come over. i said ok. and then i fell asleep. when i woke up, i had a faint idea that someone was supposed to come over, but i wasn't sure if it was kings or who until she called and said that she was on the way.

i am scared.


Cik Embun said...

hrmm did u remember Kings bring someone along with her? did you remember u received a card yesterday? hrmmmmm i bet you do! kannnnn ;-)

redSeptember said...

yes, i remember. but i hope she remembers me not because she was told to.

Mas said...

go and calm your nerves.
drink more milk =)

redSeptember said...

mana nak cari susu camel?