Monday, September 14, 2009

textual harassment

i was trying to get some shut eye just now but i couldn't since my phone is always buzzing, indicating that SMSes are coming in. the senders are multiple, not an important fact. but some of the messages that came in, i wasn't aware of, that is a sign that i was in deep sleep phase. untill.....

"touch my body"

mariah was singing to me. the number is unknown (and yes, i still don't know who is this person). i picked up the call and said "hello" for so many times, but on the other end, all i could hear was the sound of the air pump at a petrol station. i killed the call. five minutes later, the same number appeared and i picked it up again and i said "hello" for the umpteenth time. still the other end was silent. and again i killed the call.

"trutt trutt", and SMS came in from that unknown number.

=hi hw r u? ada kt mn?=

my reply: =who is this? if you dun want 2 speak whn u col me, pls dun call.i won't answer until you let me know who u r=

after about 10mins, the unknown number SMSed me again with a very very RUDE and EXPLICIT SMS. i don't even think i should publish it here.

i didn't reply.

15mins later, the number called back. i didn't answer. i was already worried. then, after 20mins from the last unsuccessful call from that number, another SMS came in, in the form of MMS. this time, i am totally SCARED.

this number belongs to a male. he sent me a picture of his anatomy that i don't even want to know about. i was SHOCKED to say the least.

i still kept quiet.

20mins after the ugly truth picture of his really fugly anatomy, he SMSed again:
=kenapa tak balas?=


p/s:should i publish his number here so that you guys can help me find out who this person is?
pp/s:i kept all his SMSes as evidence if i were to lodge a police report. should i?


Anonymous said...

yeah...u should!!!! keeps all his sms for the evidence that he is insulting u..

djambu puadovich said...

repot jek. kan ke no telefon skrg ni dah ada daftar nama n no I/C. boleh tgkp pny la...

13may said...

dam dam dumm...bunyik mercun :D

selamat hari raya :)

CHEDEM said...

Yups report...better.
Now testual harass.
Later fizikal...
take care.

amerbourdon said...

wahh..u shud..

Mas said...

oooo... anatomy... =p

aper kejadahnyer dier buat camtuh...
buat kat "pam station" lagik... hahahaa...

i pun ader gak dpt call + sms camnih... i buat dunno jer... kadang sakit jiwa jugak... tapi nak buat camner... yg penting u jgn layan. senyap jer... they will stop eventually... :)