Monday, March 16, 2009

p a r a n o i a

remember that day when i was brimming with anger about the project that i had to prepare and present alone and i was told about this just the night before? well, i am glad and thank God that i did it on my own as opposed to being in the group of the lying,manupulative Kelly Ngs.

so, my topic was PARANOIA and i am pretty sure you guys know why. when i went to the seminar room to present, guess what, the group wasn't even ready with theirs. talk about group work?!?! they even asked for extra time to compile their work. haa!! my slides were done just that morning, and i can tell you that i did a hell lot better than them.

after i presented, i excused myself from the seminar room. i didn't want to hear what they had to say.

i am proud of myself to say the least. they think they can jeopardize my marks by giving me the short end of the stick? well, they sure as hell don't know me. i thrive under pressure.

p/s: i am new at this embedding thing for ppt. so, please excuse the appearance. as you can see, they are some words that are overlapped by the pictures. so sorry. but i hope you enjoy it!

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