Monday, March 2, 2009

disturbia part II

it happened again today. he came again. and confirmed, those kids that we caught dating infront of our house, weren't the culprits. someone elder. a male, a dark-skinned male (most probably an indian, and i am not being an effing racist here, mind), who has nothing better to do in his life than be a pervert.

he came around 4 in the morn. jo-ee heard him as he peeped through her window. he's a smoker because when she got up to check, she smelled smoke. he came several times this morning. it was raining rather heavily. but that did not stop him. he donned a windbreaker and continued with his psychotic projects.

we've had enough. this is way too serious to be a joke.

we're going to lodge a report at the main police station in the town here. but since i have class, jo-ee will be accompanied by her bf there. i hope the police will do something about this. anything!

this guy is already trespassing the premise and it ain't right.

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