Sunday, March 8, 2009

back to an empty house

i reached SP last nite, sometime before midnite. unlike the cinderella story, i was not welcomed home by fairies or pixies alike. instead, i was welcomed home by the feeling of paranoia. and you very well know why.... the psycho stalker.

i was alone at home last nite. kinda tired but very wide awake. so, instead of dumping my stuffs and jump right into bed, i started cleaning up my room. sweeping the cobwebs (and to think that i left the house for only 2 effing days!!), the floor, wiping the table, and going online. at intervals of 15-20mins, i keep on silencing all possible source of sound (i.e. my fon and my lapt), just to listen to the dead of night, or maybe catch the sneaky movements of the psycho. i even peeped out from the kitchen window, just incase i could catch him on camera.

none. thank God.

but as i was trying to get some shut eye (finally) at around half past 2 in the morn, i keep on hearing weird sounds. i was really sleepy at that point of time but as soon as i dozed off, i was awaken by sounds that make me wanna jump and be on the ready for the defense. when i muster the courage to check where those sounds came from, i found out that as the night is so silent, even tiny creatures like lizards and bugs could conjure up sounds that immitate the attempt of someone walking silently in the house. blah! i was fooled by these sounds, not once, not twice, but many times. untill it was finally time to get ready for class, i wasn't sleeping well.

but another thing that i noticed: the patrol police aren't doing their patrolling no more. hmm... so much for hot hot chicken shit, eh?

the student lane (where my house is) is currently rather empty as many of the students are off for the long weekend. lucky them! i am one of the few that has today as a working day and tomorrow off. what a weird way to spend the long weekend eh? kedah shud have just made friday as a working day and sunday off. i mean, if they could be very flexible in Russia, why can't they practice the same in Kedah. haiyaa... what a comparison la!

anywho, i am not alone tonite (i hope), as YY is here. she was actually waiting for me yesterday. but since i came back rather late, she tot that i wasn't coming back till tomorrow. so, she left for her fren's place to spend the nite. so, tonite, it'll be me and her. i hope i get a better nite's sleep tonite.

and i PRAY that this paranoia wears off! it is so effing annoying!

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