Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 days week

i spent yesterday evening and last night alone at home. so, what did i do? miscellaneous things to occupy my time, and myself.

ok call me lame, but i watched 'HEART' and at first i was criticising it for being oh-so-typical, but in the end when Farel read Rachel's letter to him, actual tears were flowing down in streams on my cheeks. not that i was faking it but it was for real! i was shocked myself, i wanted it to stop. instead, i was in a steady fit of sobs. talking about emo.... haishhh....

then, the phone started buzzing in with calls and SMSes. thanks to those that kept me occupied last nite, i really appreciate it. epecially mama, who was so worried about me being alone. but as she said, God will never put us in a situation that we can never handle. and yes, i handled my being alone in a house that has a permanent peeping tom as a frequent uninvited guess, very well.

this week, it is my 7-days week. since last sunday, i have been having classes and hospitals. this is only me as i have uni subjects to complete. and being as anal as they can ever be, they wouldn't exampt me from subjects that i don't think i need schooling in. not to say that i am great at it, but because others aren't, we are made to sit for 36 hours classes of english. shoot me.

and today, i am not alone as jo-ee made her way back earlier. she had a strong hunch that the psycho is coming back tonite and she is so dead worried that i am alone. but i kept on telling her that everything seemed fine since last nite. nevertheless, it was nice to know that she cares for me that much. talk about good friends, this is a GREAT friend. others, don't be jealous you don't have one like her :) . thanks for coming back babe.

people say that when a woman is happy, it shows in her face and her personality. and i have been getting remarks from those who are close to me here that yeah, i am different now. i have become more softy (?elegant) and more subtle. they always catch me smiling for no reason... erk... this is good i hope? hehehe

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