Friday, March 20, 2009

history of presenting incidences

in chronological order.

disclaimer:there is something wrong with the net at home, therefore the depletion in number of entries. i am using campus net now, which is surprisingly better ehhehe....

2 days ago:
i was awake by 0430 hours. did the usual stuffs to pass time. at around 0530 - 0600, i heard and saw the silhouette of a person walking at the back alley of my house. i wasn't quick enough to peep thru the window to see who it was, or rather, i was actually afraid to do so. he passed our house twice in the time span of 10mins. why would anyone do that so early in the morning? i assume it is the stalker, back to do his thing.

sometime in the noon, i had to meet up with a higher authority. i jumped the gun initially, but somehow in the back of my head, i sort of knew why i was to be seen. apparently, and to my surprise, people here actually read my blog. wow... sugoi! i was told to delete an entry from my blog because it concerns medical ethics. although i didn't mention anything that has to do with the institution, i had to bring it down, regardless. which i did. i now i wonder again: is my blog being monitored or what?

at night, YY just got back and rushed straight to my room and called me to look at something that was happening at the house opposite us. we saw a teenager trying to climb into the house. he was oblivious to the fact that there are people watching. joee went to get the remote to sound the alarm to scare him off. but before we could do that, he was gone. what was he thinking?

one day ago:
i was surfing the net sometime around 0545hours, when i heard a car pull up infront of the neighbour's house. i heard a crushing sound and i looked out, i thot the car ran over something. it was a good 10mins that the car was outside there. it was a black sedan, but i couldn't see the plate number. i thot the car was waiting for someone, so i let it be. then i heard a car alarm went off, which i disregarded again. as i walked out the house at about 0700hours, i was shocked to see that my neighbour's car was broken into. they smashed his window and they ransacked his car. took his smart tag and road tax sticker. after a report was lodged, we found out that in the same occasion, 2 other cars were targeted as well. one car was stolen, and the other car was also broken into. and i was blur enough not to do anything about it. guilty....

in the hospital, i was "attacked" by mates (and i didn't even noticed that they'd noticed) asking me Qs like:
"why are you so happy now?"
"how come you are so calm?"
"you look different"
"are you in love?"
REd: "erkkk...." *smiling from ear to ear and blushing as red as a cherry

got an sms saying that i will know something. something major. until now, i am in the depths of worry to know, but still i am kept at the edge of my chair.

what is it? tell me already....

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