Tuesday, March 3, 2009

disturbia part III

Semalam kami plan nak berjaga and catch the psycho. The plan was that jo-ee will leave her room door open and when i wake up in the mid of nite (like i always do), i will go and check her window, if the psycho was there or not. I woke up around 0330 hours and started being the watch person. I kept on checking her window and the kitchen window, just hoping to get a glimpse of him. I didn’t wake jo-ee up cause kesian dia, dia kata dia penat semalam. Aku tak kisah, aku mmg nak tangkap si gila tu.

sambil aku menunggu, aku buat benda lain. siapkan aku nyer presentation. tengok scrubs, baca SMSes in my inbox (ye, aku mmg tengah sangap. walaupun I needed to start reading something already for my next posting hehehe). every 10mins, I checked the windows and jo-ee’s room. I walked as silently as I can, to not scare him away, just incase if he were around. I waited for a little over an hour, and there were no signs of him. but I did hear some noises, which I checked, still, he wasn’t there.

aku tido balik.

pukul 0615hours, jam aku bunyi. I woke up and prepared my breakfast. about 5mins later, jo-ee joined me. I told her that he didn’t come. while I went to the loo, jo-ee was preparing her breakfast in the kitchen. I heard the sound of glass popping and I heard her scream. I thought she broke something and she came running straight into my room. she said that he was there! crouching right outside our back fence. as soon as I check, of course he was long gone. we then checked the area. the things that we saw were disturbing.

the fence was crooked, signs that he did try to climb into our premise. Where she saw him crouching, there were cigarette stubs and an empty liquor bottle. clearly, he does this regularly and that spot seems to be his lepak spot. according to jo-ee, he looked like a pendatang. maybe a Bangladeshi or a nepali.

we called the police to alert them of the situation and the comment that we got was: “kami ada banyak lagi kes lain yang nak kena pantau. kami tak boleh nak attend semua kes yang datang pada kami” WTF!? we even queried if the promised patrol car did their rounds or not. lucky the answer was no. cause if they lied, they are in trouble, as I was up, waiting for the psycho and signs of the patrol car. none of these were to be seen. we made more phone calls and finally the police of Kuala Muda district came to our attention. they came and asked us a few questions and we showed them our findings. they took pictures and told us to secure all the locks. they even explain that sometime, they are police patrolling the area as civilians, that was why we didn’t notice them. but next time, they will make sure that these undercover police will notify us while they are doing their routine patrol.

yes, the psycho is getting more bold and daring.

we, on the other hand, are getting nowhere near to pinning him down.

tonight, we will try another plan to lure him into our trap.


djambu puadovich said...

you ARE crazy!


on d other hand, take proper precautions. pisau dapur simpan elok2, kalo2 penjahat tu sempat capai. keep a baseball bat nearby. bitau polis cecepat kalo penjahat bertindak liar. cewah!

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

unless you have what we use to define as firearms, do not pursue being a hero.

out of ten, only one hero usually succeed. the rest was pinned down tragically. nevertheless their heroism is celebrated during their funeral.

think again.

Lang Legar said...

yup2 red..be careful yer..
u don't want to end up injured in order to become hero..
kamal effendi pun cakap jangan jadi hero sangat but if you do want to, just know your limits yer..

Anonymous said...

actually, thats what i wanna tell u...

but i didnt have d heart.

rather i proposed u to take video of d intruder for recognition purposes (correct spelling ke?)


redSeptember said...

this sux. because of this psycho, things are not going smoothly. i really hope to get him on camera/video so that the police can do something about it.

btw, REd bukan nak jadi hero. REd nak this to stop.

if i am stupid enough, i would actually wait at the back alley to catch him. but i know that that is jeopardizing my life. of course i won't do that.

iNGENiOUS AYU said...

omg. gile takut.

red, pepper spray ade? just in case. lagi satu, wisel. manela tau kot ape2. to wake the neighbours ke ape ke.

take care k. :)

redSeptember said...

i left my pepper spray the last time i went to langkawi. too long a story to tell.

apparently, this psycho has been roaming the area for quite sometime. once, he even stuck his hand inside the window of a house resided by girls from my U, just to kacau them. and he targets rooms that are near the back alley. Thank God that my room is the front room.

they didn't report the situation i guess because he doesn't frequent those houses as often as our house. and now that there are evidence that he is actually trying to get himself into the house, we have to take extra percaution.

and starting sunday, i have to get out of the house as early as 0650 to catch the bus to start my duties in the hospital. all i can do is keep on praying for the best.