Friday, March 6, 2009


ever wanted to be a RAWKstar but never had the chance to enroll in the School of RAWK? well, aren't we lucky that we have lectures to attend to. boring draggy lectures, that is. where the doctors just keep on babbling words that comes into the left ear and got lost somewhere in the middle, then finally exitting from the right ear. all you hear is a lullaby instead.

students are infamous in pretending to listen and concentrate but at that exact moment, we are actually in slumberland. there are the regulars from my batch that are well known to do this, that only the other students will notice. the lecturers do not have a clue!! well, i am not an exception. i fall in the same category too.

some are really excellent at it that they can manage to stay upright for the whole duration. and the glasses do play a role in covering those droopy eyelids.

some, do it less subtly and do get a few passing nasty comments from lecturers who are rather observant. the sleepy look on this guy's face just blows off the cover.

some, who just don't even bother, comfort over covering, just go for the whole shibang! put your head on the table, or sit way too low on the chair, anything for that few minutes of shut eye. and the best part is, he actually snores! this guy is just so damn cute, you can never get mad at him. even the lecturers can't blow off their steam at him!!

as for me.... i am in the headbangers category. but my head tends to bang too vigorously that i can hear people snickering at me when i finally wake up. and during these times where i am awake most of the time in the mid of nite to keep an eye on the pyscho, i can't afford being a headbanger anymore. i just lay myself to sleep, with or without the lecturer there. sorry!!

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