Friday, March 27, 2009

60 EARTH hour

"eh, are you guys joining the earth hour thingy on saturday, 28-03-09? my friends and i are going to join in"

REd - "hmm, i have been trying to save the environment since i don't know when, this earth hour thing just don't cut it"

"eh, ya la. i also don't see the purpose of doing it"

REd - "but if you haven't been recycling or saving resources or saving energy, then i would strongly suggest you join this earth hour la"

"oh, like that is it? ok ok...."

so, i am pretty sure that everyone has heard about this earth hour thing right? in malaysia, you are supposed to switch off all your electrical appliances for 1 whole hour starting from 2030hours up to 2130 hours, in order to stop the waste of energy. good for the cause, good for the earth.

thing is.....

prior to this earth hour day that is like, TOMORROW, they are alot of energy wastage and resource wastage that has been going on, just to "support" this earth hour day and also to tell people about it. see, take for example, the amount of FRESH paper that is used to print out notices around the campus, buildings about the fact that they are going to switch off the main switch and to encourage people to join in the cause. if the notices were handwritten or printed on RECYCLED paper, then, that would not go against the whole purpose of saving the environment.

also, there are all those celebrities that are on air, promoting and urging people to join in. think about it. how much energy do they use to call these celebrities, or if the celebrities are required to be in the studio to record the messages, the amount of unnecessary gas emission that happens during travel, the energy that is used to do the recording, to replay it on air. do you think that the 1 hour, that God knows how many people are actually participating in this cause, will actually make a difference to compensate the energy uses prior to it?

and then, they ask you to go register yourself on the net just to join in the cause. what for? if there was a relevant reason for this, then, ok la. but if it was just for show or to estimate how much power that is going to be saved, seriously, the energy that is used to go online, to register, and what if after registering (just for being in the "in group") people don't actually participate in that whole hour, all the energy go to waste?

haiyaa... talk about being so hyped up and then defeating the REAL purpose. this is a GRAND example.

you want to save the environment, start on your own. then, when you are consistent in it, encourage ONE friend/family member, and the chain goes on. doing it for one day does not put an impact in today's mindset.

start by plugging off your appliances when not in use. even if you out of your room for awhile, switch off the fan/lights. if you are on the net, instead of using google, use the homepage, (it looks way too cool anyway). when charging your phone, switch it off. it uses less energy that way and it will save your batt's lifespan. do you really need AC and fan switched on SIMULTANEOUSLY? unless you are full of blubber, i don't think you need that. sweat a little, it is good for your health.

they are many other ways to save the environment, save the earth, and ultimately, save yourselves....

it is just that you have to be sincere about it. not doing it because everyone is doing it, only for that MOMENT.




i second that ;)

seriously, ape benda yg kecoh sngt psl earth hour ni? kenapa sejam? bukan 2 jam? bukan 1 hari?

recycle lebih memberikan manfaat yg jauh lebih baik dari this 'earth hour' thingy. too bad bila ayu ckp mcmni, sort of kite ni ignorant plak =.=

truly said, mmg setuju dan red dah suarakan hasrat hati ayu :)

redSeptember said...

bukan kita yang ignorant sebenarnya. tapi mereka yang buat ni sebab it is what everyone is doing, la yang patut dikatakan ignorant.

ayu, active in recycling ke?



hello red,

to be honest, ayu bukan active in recycle tapi ayu seboleh2nya kurangkan membeli barang2 yg menggunakan botol, plastik dan sewaktu dengannya. mungkin tak seaktif red tapi ayu cuba one step at a time.

plus, ayu dah kurangkan idling my car. tak kirala tgh tunggu orang ataupun tunggu traffic light.


redSeptember said...

i wish there were more ppl like you. one step at a time. better something than nothing kan...

good for you! :)

rAmiZa.mY said...

good point =)

epy belated earth hour by the way =)