Thursday, March 12, 2009

kurang hajar

stress level: high

energy level: low

patience: almost empty

rage: brimming the surface

why: because i just got an effing SMS from these effing people who are so effing dumb and such liars that they think they can flick me like a speck of dust. we ARE supposed to be in a group to do a presentation but about 10mins ago, she told me to prepare my own presentation and present tomorrow. then, when asked why didn't she inform me earlier, her stupid answer, as stupid as she is, "owh, we oso jes get to know an hour ago". EF YOU la! you got my number,i don't have yours. you shud have called me if you think i should be on my own. what do you mean that you just got to know? this project is entirely yours to decide when to be presented. i am sure that you and your effing Kelly Ngs gang knew about this and want to present tomorrow rite? you want me to play in your twisted game? fine!! prepare for me to be truly honest with the tutor tomorrow. if you wanna play dirty, i can play FILTHY....

i hope you rot in hell.

yes, i am very angry right now.

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