Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am not too sure but I think the pioneer of modern reality TV shows is The Newlyweds which featured Nick Lachey who was formerly married to Jessica Simpson, in that show. Then guess what? Newlyweds become Freshly-divorced.

Ok, that is so not the point.

What I want to talk about here is the tsunami (excuse the pun) of reality TV shows. They are mostly about people who act like Paris Hilton, bimbos, and all those partying and scandals and scams and backstabing. "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", "Leave It To Lamas", "Gastineu Girls", and "Giuliana and Bill", just to name a few. I mean, come on!! What is so important abou these people that their lives must be depicted in shows? At least "Little People, Big World" or "18 Kids and Counting", or even the freshly-divorved ( I am thinking that the fame got to them) "Jon & Kate Plus 8", are some reality TV shows that we can learn from. But those with blondes and boob-jobs and lip-pumps, what are there to be of example?

Why can't there be reality TV about the lives of people in Palestine? Or on everyday lives of people who polute the earth? Or on the homeless Haitians? I know it will not get as much ratings but at least it shows the REAL thing!!

And another thing that I totally don't understand, it is REALITY TV, right? But how come there are editings done on the raw footage before it is aired on air? I mean, not only blips on curse words, but everything else as well. And have you seen the make-up?? I don't think anyone in the REAL world wears THAT much make-up staying at home or launging around or even going for a dip in the pool. Do you?

Taming Tinkerbell [Reality TV show of Tinkerbell, Paris' dog (or accessory)].

p/s: and most of the titles MUST rhyme too.

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