Monday, January 11, 2010

morning alarm

got back really late yesterday after AJL. but we didn't go to the after party although we had tickets. the other girls had to go back early because they have work to do the next as opposed to me who is currently having my holidays (woot! woot!)

i woke up early today but still felt sleepy. so i fell right back to sleep after walking around the house for 5 minutes. i heard some knocking going on somewhere around the condo but i let it go, thinking that it might be somekind of repair going on.

i was so sleepy that i drifted off to sleep even though the sound was so disturbing.

and then i was awaken by the sound of people fighting.


policemen arriving at the scene.

the condo security guard joining the commotion. the indian guy is the one that started the commotion.

as you can see, the car is clamped and that was the start of everything.

see how major this scene was.

what actually happened:
the car got clamped (i don't know why). to unclamp, the owner/driver has to pay a fine to the management. but the indian guy who is the driver of the car does not want to pay (i don't know what was the argument to that). so another guy was called to knock the clamp off the tyre (hence the knocking sound earlier). so the management called the police to stop the guy from taking off the clamp on his own. they were screaming among each other and bla bla bla bla.

i was like....whoa!!! major!! but please la... if you did something wrong, pay up and leave la. no need to disturb the whole community.

bloody hell. my beauty sleep was disturbed..... T_T

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djambu puadovich said...

nasib baik kancil x kne clamp...klo x, maut gak nk byr...:P