Friday, January 8, 2010

pintu kaca

omg... and mamat ni adalah UNIVERSITY student. apa subject yang dia amik, aku tak tahulah. kalau dia amik engineering, i can see where his future is already, shattered, just like the glass door.

gila bodo!!


Anonymous said...

Lol! Everytime tgk vid ni I can't help but laugh. Kesian pun ade huhu.. Anyhow, I read somewhere he is indeed Engineering student. Kesian..

OK said...

If you knew that such automatic-sensor doors are a rarity in the developing world then perhaps u will have more sympathy than sarcasm...
He is prob a guy from a small town who was bewildered by the whole thing as to why the door refused to open(it senses movement,not mass).
He seems a very honest n simple guy tho' --he didnt attempt to run off.Hats(or skullcap) off to him!