Saturday, December 19, 2009

a poem for them

there are these 2 people that i know
are they a "he" or a "she"
i am afraid i can't reveal so.

they love to shop
they love to brag
but when it comes to pay time
they won't pay back.

do they act together?
hmmm... i am not too sure
wanna take a guess?
but hey, no pressure ;)

oh please, oh please, spare me this
i'm really not spying on you
you are not even on the celebrity A-list.

the things they do
they tell all kinds
and then they go on saying:
"oooo.... i have a stalker on my behind"

i go on thinking
with all i have
and then i have this to reply to that statement they made earlier
"what the eff?"

come on, grow up already
if you know who you are
there are things more precious than ego and pride
and it is definitely not your car.

so i am asking you this
when will all this end?
the shopping, the socializing, the gallavanting
but still how come there is no money in my bank?

~the end~

*so so so, written by me.

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