Monday, December 14, 2009


aM i ALive Or Am i Dead? My GReaTest ReGretS RepEaTinG in My HEAD. FeLiNG So emPty aNd coLd, Like pUdDLE of my oWn BLooD foRminG thE SilLhOutte OF a MOld. WonDErinG IF I'LL eveR be mIssED, TRapPed in my Own dARknEss, LOst to THe lUCiDity oF my MiNd. thE DEPRESSION, a waR in tiMe. counTiNG doWn thE DaYS of My lIFe LinE. LoST in All tHEse siLLy RhyMeS. trYing To Breath, buT nO lOnGEr liVing. Lost ALL hopE, loSt ALL meANIng. conFused witH WhAT is REAL. SaYiNg GRace aT mY LAst mEAL.

~so not written by me.

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