Saturday, December 19, 2009

Natalie Dylan: the price of virginity.

this is Natalie Dylan (or her made-up virgin name, i am not too sure. but honey, what's with the skin breakouts? never trust a close-up picture).

she is 22 years old (although, i think she can also pass for a 35 years old if she was living in asia, don't you agree?) as of year 2009 and she is attending college (what course? medicine? no wonder she wants to play "doctor") somewhere in the states. she started off as a small town nobody, but this year, things have changed. she became a somebody and a very famous (for all the wrong reasons) somebody at that!

so, she is selling off her virginity. don't believe me? read this. it seems that in this world that we are living in these days, virginity is a rare and priceless commodity. commodity? REALLY??!!?

but natalie is going to break that statement by putting a price on hers. she is actually auctioning her virginity online. her reasons are simple she is doing this because:
a) her sister Avia Dylan is also doing it (but not online. Avia is actually a PROSTITUTE who is attending school and paying her school fee with that prostitution money).
b) oh, Natalie HAS to because she also wants to go to school and she can't afford to go because she has not enough to pay the fee (haven't they heard of bank loans or scholarships or grants???).

weird thing is, she has all the time and all the money in the world to set up herself online. i mean, the clothes, the raunchy photoshoots, the makeups, the hairdos. if she were to spend all those time and energy to actually find another way to fund her schooling fee, she would have been in school by now. but i guess she is too busy managing her online bid.

now that is desperate.

p/s: if virginity were a rare and priceless commodity, how would her bidders know that she is actually a virgin? i mean, if they haven't been with a virgin, how would they know a virgin?


♫♫Remaja Komputer♫♫ said...

pergh..kalau kat malaysia sure kena banned..

AZANI said...

at first i thought it was about mas kahwin...